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Bancontact Payconiq Company
Started with a team of 3 and now grown to 50 expert individuals, Bancontact Payconiq is something every Belgian has undoubtedly encountered. It serves as the driving force behind numerous banks and enables effortless contactless payments with the convenience of a QR code. Bancontact Payconiq is a financial platform used in Belgium for electronic payments. It combines Bancontact, a popular payment method, with Payconiq, a mobile payment app. This allows users to easily and securely make payments, both online and in physical stores, using their smartphone or other electronic devices.

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"While we focus on our core business, CloudCom delivers a secure, scalable and reliable IT environment."

Jérôme Deliège 

CTO, Bancontact payconiq company

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needs and challenges

We did not have in-house IT engineers who could focus on ensuring a secure and operational digital environment. Our focus was on our core business: providing customers with a simple digital payment platform. Thus began our search for an IT partner who could guarantee us the necessary security, as a platform like Bancontact Payconiq is supposed to be highly secure.


and solution

CloudCom offered us a flexible, scalable model that could grow with our business, provided a secure digital working environment, maintained consistent pricing despite our business growth, and demonstrated impressive speed and smoothness during onboarding. They had clearly made the necessary preparations to make onboarding easy, and over the years they continued to effectively prove their ability to support Bancontact Payconiq Company's growth.


and benefits

  • improved scalability of the IT infrastructure

  • robust security

  • regulatory compliance

  • increased flexibility in our operations 

  • optimisation of cost management

  • direct contact with the necessary people

  • guarantee of a reliable and always available service

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