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Are you still wondering whether your data is really safe? In an increasingly digitalized and connected world, ensuring the security of data and systems is crucial. Learn how we integrate leading technologies and innovative approaches to create a robust secure infrastructure.Whether it concerns advanced firewalls, secure login procedures, malware protection, ... we strive to make your digital world as safe as possible.

geen wachtdienst

Geen wachtdienst, altijd directe technische ondersteuning tijdens de standaard kantooruren.

week wachtdienst

Profiteer van deskundige ondersteuning die beschikbaar is voor en na de reguliere kantooruren tijdens de week. 

weekend wachtdienst

Toegang tot technische hulp, zelfs buiten reguliere werktijden in het weekend en op feestdagen.

Do you only have one security measure in place? Do you think cybercriminals are skipping your business? It's time for action, cybersecurity is essential for SMEs. CloudCom can help with advanced security solutions and expertise because cyber attacks can cause serious damage to your business. Size doesn't matter to cybercriminals; what matters is the vulnerability of your systems. Together with our cybersecurity team, we can create and implement effective security policies to protect your SME and ensure a secure digital future

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Have you ever been in a situation where you were worried about the security of your online activities or corporate network? With us, your network is protected thanks to the implementation of advanced firewalls, security audits 

encryption technologies, and frequent updates. All this is supported by our team of experts, who constantly monitor and proactively respond to new risks.

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