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mogelijkheden cloudcomputing

Do you ever wonder why cloud computing would be a good solution for your organization? Are you looking for ways to save costs without sacrificing flexibility? Do you want to work more efficiently with your team, regardless of where you are? Are you concerned about the security of your company data?And how about reducing the ecological impact of your IT infrastructure? Cloud computing provides answers to all these questions and more.

verschil tussen private, public en hybrid cloud

Private cloud

Let your organization benefit from a tailor-made infrastructure, managed by our IT experts.

Optimal performance:The complete hosting configuration is perfectly tailored to your needs.

Highest level of redundancy: Special hardware exclusively for your use, resulting in the highest level of security.

Peace of mind: Our expert professionals take care of the entire management, including taking care of security and more.

Public cloud

Share a secure, high-performance and scalable infrastructure with others.

Optimized performance: The entire hosting configuration is precisely tailored to your needs. 

Easily scalable: Additional resources and capacity are easily and quickly available, so you can effortlessly scale based on your growth.

Flexible management:Choose how you manage the infrastructure - completely under your own management or with support from our IT experts.

Hybrid cloud

Combine the best of both private and public cloud, including possible on-premise solutions.

Freedom of choice: Decide for yourself which data you place in the public and private cloud, giving you optimal control over your data.

Highest security and scalability: For example, assign sensitive data to the private cloud and other data to the public cloud.

Absolute freedom: Integrate various cloud services and providers according to your own wishes and needs.


voordelen managed cloud

Professional Management and Maintenance:Experts take responsibility for management and maintenance, allowing companies to focus on their core activities.

Optimal Performance and Reliability: The cloud is optimized for improved performance and reliability, tailored to the needs of the business.

Scalability and Flexibility: Quickly adapt to changing needs by efficiently scaling up and down resources.

Enhanced Security:Continuous monitoring and expert security measures ensure a high level of security.

Cost Savings and Predictability: Optimize costs by paying for what you use, with predictable cost structures for budget planning.

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