News: End of ‘Skype for Business’ – What now?

Microsoft has announced that Skype for Business will be discontinued on July 31st and will no longer be supported. Don't worry about Skype for individuals, this will continue to exist. Companies that use the Skype application will need to find an alternative. So, what now?

At CloudCom we strongly recommend Microsoft Teams. This application is part of Microsoft 365 and allows you to call, chat and meet - just like in Skype. Teams, however, is not limited to the basic means of communication, but can also be used to collaborate in channels, create links with other applications and collaborate on files with colleagues.

Learning to work with a new application is not something everyone is keen on doing. That is why CloudCom offers a Microsoft 365 workshop with a focus on Teams. This makes the transition to the application smooth and makes sure that you as a manager know everyone in your team is fully aware of the best practices and the functionalities. Are you interested in knowing more about the training modules? Reach out to us and we will provide you with more information.

Can it all be a little more? In addition to Teams, Microsoft 365 offers numerous possibilities so that users can collaborate and manage data as efficiently as possible. SharePoint and OneDrive are great examples of this. Microsoft 365 forms the basis of our SME (KMO) Solution that is supplemented with our More than IT and Worry Free services to create one whole that is suitable for your company. Would you like to know how this solution would look like in your organisation? Read more about it here.